Great Race!! 

The NADCAR group had another fun night of racing at Thunder Raceway! It was great to see a few new faces visit from the south! #7 Ron Patton and #20 Frank Phillips put on a show for the 1st heat race win! Patton made his way back around Phillips to grab the checker and #72 Treavor Jorgenson took the final transfer. The 2nd heat race win went to #11 Heather Henesey, she made her way past #5 Storm Phillips and #12 Pat Henesey for the win. 

The main event track prep was unbelievable! 2 of the carbureted dinosaurs brought the field down to the green #12 and #20 (haha!). #11 brought out the only caution of the entire night with a snapped throttle cable. After the field bunched up again, the race was on! #12 jumped out to an early lead with the rest of the field right on his tail! #54 Charlie Iannacone started to get a feel for the racey track by moving quickly through the field on the low line. #5 Storm Phillips snuck up on #12 Henesey with only 4 left and drag raced down the front stretch to steal the lead. #54 Iannacone followed #5 Phillips to take the 2nd spot. #12 Henesey was able to get back around Iannacone for the 2nd spot after #54’s move on Storm for the lead lost too much momentum coming out of 4. #5 Storm Phillips parked it in victory lane! Way to go Storm!!! 

Great run by all the drivers!! What a fun night!! See you all on the 27th of for the final race on the 2016 NADCAR schedule!